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Hotel Policies and Standards

Hotel Policies and Standards

For tourists who are resident in the Peru, reservations are confirmed with the deposit of 50% of the total amount of the booking (except Easter and independence day) in a bank account, prior verification of the availability, canceling the balance directly at the hotel.

Tourists out of the country, that are direct and not through a company or travel agency, will be booked with the complete information of the number of a credit card (not debit) as guarantee, in case of no-show, the 100% of the amount of the first night will be charged including taxes immediately annulling, the rest of the reserve.

In case of travel agencies and tourism or business, is will govern according to policies explained and submitted in the confidential and corporate tariff respectively, being one of the requirements for confirmation of reserves, prepayment of 100% of them.

If for any reason, even by fortuitous case, without liability of the hotel, the client does not make use of the reserve, having sent a timely cancellation, will retain the total amount received as a compensation for the damages by the non-utilization of the reserve.

Any reservation that is made for Easter and independence day, will be confirmed with the cancellation in advance 100%, and if, for any reason, the guest does not make use of the total number of nights reserved for those dates, the hotel will not refund any amount.

In the event of notice of cancellation, modification or reduction of reserve, the return of the deposit made will be according to the following policy: 30 days in advance, will retain 15%; up to 20 days in advance, will retain 25% of the deposit made; up to 7 days will retain 50%, up to 3 days in advance, will retain 75% of the amount paid, less than 3 days from the date of booking, the Hotel Colomba will not refund the amount. Refunds will be made in the same currency that the deposit was made.

The Hotel will reserve the right of admission and has the authority to request the removal of guests who violate norms of peace and good manners.

The entrance to the rooms is subject to the type of reservation of the same and the number of occupants must not exceed the number of beds or contracted room type. If the guest does not respect this condition, hotel may deny entry, ordering the removal of them and retain the effected deposit.

The presentation of the ID card of minors, is mandatory for its corresponding record. Children do not pay when they are less than 6 years old and and share the bed of an adult. Children older than 6 years, pay as an adult and occupy their respective bed, only will be accepted free of payment to one child under 6 years per room.

Payments in the hotel only will be made in cash or credit card, in national or foreign currency (US $) to the change of the day, not accepting personal checks or travelers checks.

All rates include VAT. The exemption of VAT (D. law 919) only applies to foreign guests that, show their passport and migration card stating a (not residence)a stay in the less than 60 days. Does not apply the exemption from VAT when in the same room, it has non-resident and resident.

Foreign guests who represent a company with fiscal domicile in Peru, and ask for invoice to it, may not be exonerated from the payment of the VAT, and the rate including taxes will be charged.

Check-in time is from 12:30 pm and check-out time is at 10:30 a.m.

Early chek-in: prior to 7:30 a.m.: 100% of the fare includes breakfast buffet of the day.

Between 7:30 and 12:30 AM: 50% of the fee, does not include any kind of breakfast.

Late check-out: (10:30 am to 6 pm) 50% of the fare and from 6 p.m onwards, 100% of the fare.

The Hotel is not responsible of unreported values or money.

It is not allowed to wash clothes or cooking inside the rooms (it, will be charged a penalty of $30 per day).

Pets are not allowed.

Hotel offers free luggage deposit during the absence of guests on grounds of trekking and climbing (adventure sports) for a limited time; However is not responsible for the amount or content that the teams left due to the continued use of the same equipment by different guests.

The Hotel will request the immediate eviction of the room as well as the Hotel and will denounce the person who try to use medium coercion comments denigrating or discrediting of the Hotel and its services in the web portals of opinions, in order to obtain some sort of benefit or discount.

Payments with PayPal and credit card (Visa-MasterCard – American Express – etc) have a surcharge of 7% of the total amount of the invoiced.